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Gear Education is a boutique education technology firm based in Cyprus committed to helping schools and organizations in the region use technology successfully. Gear Education prides itself as the island’s first education technology firm of its kind and Google for Education partner.

The firm was founded in 2022 by educator and EdTech enthusiast Christina Shailas after seeing the immense need by schools in the region for guidance and support in implementing technology with educational purpose.

Born and raised in New York City, Christina holds a Bachelor’s degree from New York University (NYU) and a Master’s degree from Columbia University. With a decade of experience working as a technology integrationist, Christina has been integral to the successful implementation and development of school education technology programs for over 3,000 educators and students in New York City and Limassol.

Integrating technology into the classroom should be enabling educators, not overwhelming them. We often hear that the first step is changing the culture, which has proven true in our methodology. We focus on the educators – not just getting them comfortable with the tools, but bringing them into the process to understand the ‘why’ and value of these tools.

Christina Shailas, Founder CEO of Gear Education

Gear Education consists of a growing team of former educators, technology integrationists, and technicians here to help schools transform the education experience through technology. Implementing paperless solutions through 1-1 device programs, integrating 3D printers, laser cutters, and other innovation lab tools to enhance curriculum, and training educators to redefine teaching and learning using technology is a snippet of the day-to-day activities for the education technology firm.


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