November 29, 2022

Gear Education Becomes a Showbie Partner

Bringing a simple and powerful teaching and learning tool for a connected classroom experience

Gear Education, an education technology solutions company that works to empower teachers and students, announced its official partnership with Showbie as a reseller to schools and organizations in Cyprus and Greece.

Showbie is a Hybrid Learning Platform designed for the way teachers work. Showbie’s purpose-built features make it easy to manage classroom workflow and save time for what matters most – teaching and learning. The platform combines all of the essential tools for assignments, feedback, and communication, and can be accessed through an easy-to-use iOS and iPadOS app or a web browser.

With its intuitive features that enhance the teaching and learning experience, teachers can easily distribute and collect work, deliver highly personalized feedback, and create opportunities for co-teaching and student collaboration. In addition, it enables teachers to easily create paperless classrooms for students and provide access for parents. Showbie features include rich annotation tools, pinned voice notes, class discussion, quick marking and class gradebook, and much more!

By partnering with Showbie, Gear Education is empowered to provide schools and organizations with a simple and powerful teaching and learning tool that helps bring students, teachers, and communities together. As part of the education technology services they offer, Gear Education can sell Showbie licenses and assist with Showbie training and support.

Empowering teachers and students are essential to Gear Education. “Showbie offers the flexibility that is needed in teaching and learning,” said Christina Shailas, founder of Gear Education and former educator with years of experience using Showbie in her classroom. “It gave me the ability to better connect with my students.” Showbie’s customizable features, including one that gives the ability to upload differentiated content, allow teachers to adjust their lessons to individual learning needs. “Through this, my students taught me how they learn best.” With a range of tools at their fingertips, students can also demonstrate their learning in the way that suits them best. Showbie’s flexibility covers technical capabilities as there are virtually no limits on the types of files you can upload into Showbie. “Once you teach using Showbie, you won’t be able to imagine teaching without it.”


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