February 2, 2024

Gear Education’s Google for Education Cyprus Impact

In late 2022, Gear Education, a first-of-its-kind education technology services company based in Cyprus, announced it had joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program becoming the island’s first Google for Education partner. Today, Gear Education shares how Google for Education is making strides in Cyprus.

Google for Education is committed to ongoing innovation in teaching and learning. Part of that commitment is making sure every student and educator has access to tools that create more personal, collaborative, accessible, and safe teaching and learning experiences. Educational institutions can choose to use flexible, secure tools at no cost with Education Fundamentals, or enhanced capabilities with Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, or Education Plus.

Just last week, at the world’s largest education technology event held in London, Gear Education brought together Google for Education and the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport, and Youth. The meeting was attended by Minister Dr. Athena Michaelidou, Head of the European and International Affairs Bureau Dr. Yiannis Savvides, Inspector of Primary Education Dr. Georgia Pasiardis, Head of the Cypriot Educational Mission UK Ms. Maria Loi, along with executives at Google for Education. Google for Education along with local partner, Gear Education, presented the possibilities of teaching and learning with Google for Education and what this could look like for Cyprus education.

Left to right: Google Head of Education – Central and Eastern Europe Mr. Pawel Czerwony, Inspector of Primary Education Dr. Georgia Pasiardis, Cyprus Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Dr. Athena Michaelidou, Google Head of Strategic and Government Initiatives – Google for Education Mr. William Florance, Founder CEO of Gear Education – Google for Education Partner Ms. Christina Shailas, Head of the European and International Affairs Bureau Dr. Yiannis Savvides.

Cyprus schools have already joined the over 150 million students, educators, and school leaders around the globe using Google for Education. Many of the newest K12 private schools on the island have chosen Google for Education as their preferred teaching and learning platform. The Island Private School of Limassol, which opened in 2022, was Cyprus’ first school with Google for Education’s ultimate edition. Gear Education also welcomed The Lighthouse Private School and Trinity Private School to Education Plus. Other educational institutions, such as IMS Private School, are working with Gear Education to explore Google for Education’s free plan, Education Fundamentals.

Google for Education’s presence has expanded into Cyprus’ Higher Education Institutions too. Cyprus University of Technology’s MSc Interaction Design renewed its subscription for another year. “We love the interface and features that allow us to efficiently review student work, set up virtual material, and provide an enjoyable learning experience,” said Andreas Papallas, Academic Coordinator of the department.

On Tuesday, 6th of February from 10 am to 12 pm EET, the Google for Education team will be co-hosting a live webinar, Google for Higher Education Summit – Greece and Cyprus edition, with local partner Gear Education. Those interested can still register here: https://rsvp.withgoogle.com/events/google-for-higher-education-summit-greece-and-cyprus-edition

Google for Education has released several AI-powered tools that can help amplify teacher impact and improve student outcomes. These tools, some of which can be used as early as 5 years old, make learning more accessible and personalized:

  • Practice sets use AI to help educators transform their existing teaching content into interactive assignments and provide more personalized support.
  • Originality reports use the power of Google Search to help students properly integrate external inspiration into their writing – while making it easy for instructors to check for potential plagiarism.
  • Read Along is a speech-based reading tutor app, built with AI, to help young readers learn by reading out loud.

Duet AI for Google Workspace, available for users 18+, is an AI-powered assistance that helps you write, visualize, organize, and much more.

Customers in Cyprus and beyond can agree that Google for Education’s all-in-one solution provides their institution with long-term value through:

  • Cost and time savings
  • Advanced security and insights
  • Enriched teaching and learning tools
  • Ongoing innovation

Google for Education is available to qualifying educational institutions and offers a variety of editions, from free to paid subscriptions, to meet the different needs of schools and districts. Interested institutions can schedule a free consultation or get in touch with Google for Education Partner Gear Education at hello@geareducation.com.


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