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Educators strive to provide the best learning experience for students to prepare them for the world. Jamf School is a purpose-built mobile device management solution (MDM) for schools. Its intuitive web-based interface makes deploying, managing and securing Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV simpler than ever before.

Easily create and manage users, user groups and device groups. View in-depth information and perform diagnostics on individual devices. Jamf School gives you the ability to deploy and manage Apple devices — the best learning technology — with ease, so you can focus on your mission of teaching students.


Keep track of manageddevices, users and apps. Access devices quickly and easily and identify issues for remediation. 

Classroom Management

Classes can be easily managed by dragging and dropping the required apps and content and creating restrictions. With App Request, teachers can request apps from Jamf School, which are then shared with IT admins.

iBeacon Profile Assignment

Enable automatic assignment of profiles using iBeacon technology. Students gain automatic access to subjectspecific materials, while unrelated content is hidden. 

Incident System

Use the Incident System to keep track of whether and when devices have been damaged or other possible problems have been detected. 


Tackle multiple locations or schools easily. With location support, manage each location and its devices, users and groups separately, pushing down profiles, apps, etc. from a single location. 

Content Caching

Avoid slow internet connections when everyone in the same class needs to download the same file, at the same time. Download files that will be used by multiple students to one dedicated device that goes on to serve others.

Jamf Apps

Jamf comes with several free apps to improve communication and management capabilities. 


As a Jamf School Partner,
Gear Education is empowered to provide schools and organizations with a better and more secure Apple ecosystem and environment. As part of the education technology services they offer, Gear Education can assist with licenses and deployment of Jamf education products.

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