April 15, 2024

Repurpose Old Tech

With the rapid growth of technology, it may be overwhelming to keep up with the constant release of new devices. And even if we do, what do we do with our old devices? While many companies have introduced incentives through purchasing refurbished devices or swapping old devices for credit towards new devices through trade-in programs, there are ways you can ‘repurpose’ old technology if you simply aren’t ready to upgrade.

Chrome OS Flex

ChromeOS Flex allows you to breathe new life into your existing devices at no additional cost. A version of ChromeOS, so it’s secure and easy to manage, ChromeOS Flex is made to refresh your existing PCs and Macs. With 6-second boot-up times and automatic background updates, your old PCs and Macs will start quickly and won’t slow down over time. If your device is 1 of the 240 million PCs that will become e-waste when Windows 10 support ends, ChromeOS Flex can indeed be your device’s life cycle savior. 

All you need is a USB drive and a few simple steps to get set up. That, and did we mention it’s free?


TrilbyTV, digital signage made for education, has witnessed how creative educational institutions can be when using old technology. For example, Norwich University of the Arts has been innovatively repurposing unused iMacs as alternative methods of digital signage to display student work.

In the recent webinar “The Art of Communication in Education”, Gear Education CEO Christina Shailas and TrilbyTV Director Neil Emery discuss how TrilbyTV can support digital signage on old screens, making use of redundant TVs and computers to display content around your school. Content can include anything from insightful information and important announcements to social media feeds. Emery added how digital signage can be used to foster sustainability, community, student creativity, and much more!

It’s time to brush off the dust from your old devices and get started with a free trial of TrilbyTV.

Get Creative

Excited by new possibilities? We’ve got a few more creative ideas when it comes to repurposing old technology. Educational institutions can turn old technology into 

  • Art displays to showcase around their building or campus,
  • A museum that displays technological developments,
  • Smaller components by taking apart the equipment.

All examples of STEAM activities that offer unique learning opportunities for students!

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