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The complete hybrid learning platform

Showbie, the easy-to-use hybrid learning platform, empowering educators across the globe deliver deeper, more personalised feedback and assessment to students—wherever learning happens.

About Showbie

Designed for the way teachers work, Showbie makes it easy to manage your entire classroom workflow all in one easy-to-use platform, giving you time for what matters most – teaching and learning. With Showbie, personalised feedback is made easy with a variety of built-in annotation tools that can be placed within and alongside any activity. Complete flexibility of file types and feedback shareable in Showbie unlocks creativity and engagement, allowing students to demonstrate their learning progress in the way that suits them best. 

Showbie is the platform of choice for over 3 million users in 182 countries around the world, supporting the largest 1:1 Apple education device deployment in Europe. Showbie is classroom tested and teacher approved – already supporting the UK’s two largest 1:1 device deployments, Glasgow City Council and Oasis Community, as well as districts such as Greenland and large parts of Norway choosing Showbie as their hybrid learning platform of choice.

  • Over 3 million users worldwide

  • 233,978 Schools registered

  • 92% of teachers agree voice feedback has greater impact on student progress than written feedback 

  • 97% of teachers agree Showbie helps provide personalised and formative feedback on assignments 

  • 99% of teachers agree that Showbie is easy to use and implement in the classroom

    Key features

    • Upload and share any file format including iWorks, Google and Microsoft files seamlessly, including EPUB, GarageBand, iMovie and even AR files

    • Flexible annotation tools allow students to demonstrate learning in a way that works for them

    • Record 30 minute voice notes for rich personalized feedback

    • Quick marking and Assignment Overview features all your keep grading organized and efficient

    • Admin Analytics dashboard provides transparency and insight into class engagement

    • Class Folders let you manage all your assignments in one place

    • Parent Access and Portfolio features keep families engaged and informed of student progress


        As a Showbie Partner, Gear Education is empowered to provide schools and organizations with a simple and powerful teaching and learning tool that helps bring students, teachers, and communities together. As part of the education technology services they offer, Gear Education can sell Showbie licenses and assist with Showbie training and support.

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